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Gridmonger is a free and open-source dungeon mapping tool to replace pencil-and-paper mapping when playing old-school computer role-playing games (cRPGs). It aims to do one thing and do it well:

Be the ultimate keyboard-driven grid-based cRPG mapping companion!

Gridmonger is available for free for Windows and macOS (Linux version is in the works).

Most notable features

Gridmonger in action
Gridmonger in action



Read the manual online, or download it as zipped HTML.

The documentation is included in both the standard installer and portable versions.


Latest stable version – v1.1.0

You can view the full changelog here.


All versions of Windows 7 & 10 are supported.

Most users on Windows 10 should use the 64-bit version.

The 32-bit version is provided for people still on older legacy Windows systems — use it only if you really have to!


macOS Mojave or later (10.14+) is required.


No Linux builds are provided yet, but you can build it yourself by following the build instructions. There are some graphical glitches when resizing and moving the application window, but otherwise the program works perfectly.

Previous versions

You can download previous Gridmonger versions from here.

Example maps

You can download the Example Maps included in the installer packages separately as well.

Note that some of these maps are incomplete and not necessarily 100% accurate; they are only meant to showcase the capabilities of the program. Besides, you wouldn't rob yourself of the fun of making your own maps, would you?

Get Involved

Found a bug? Spotted some typos in the manual? Have some bright improvement ideas? Feel an irresistable urge to tell me how much you love or hate this fine piece of software?

For any of the above (and more!), you can raise a new ticket in the project's issue tracker on GitHub (requires a GitHub account), or alternatively, you can drop me a note directly at

Please read the Reporting issues chapter of the manual carefully before submitting a report.


I just love disclaimer sections, don't you? I've always wanted to write one myself, so here we go!

Gridmonger is the creation of John Novak.

It is free and open-source software, the full source code is available at GitHub. You can do whatever you want with it for your own shady nefarious purposes, I don't really care — as long as you don't use it to somehow gruesomely murder kittens, or turn everybody into Jehova's Witnesses, avid unicyclists, or Mall Santa Impersonators, or something equally reprehensible. And if by some inexplicable glitch on the tailmost end of the (im)probability curve it gets you filthy rich, be so nice and at least send me a postcard!

Conversely, if it somehow managed to ruin your life, whispered obscenities into your colleagues' ears at work, made you run for governorship of Mêlée Island (and you had won!), or turned you into an ethical raw vegan vampire, sorry, you're on your own, no warranties. You've been warned.

Advice: use with utmost care, preferably in a well ventillated area and/or in a fumehood. Do not operate under influence of psychotropic substances. Keep away from children and small rodents. Do not eat packaging! And, most importantly, if it tells you anything, do not believe its lies!!!