Gridmonger Manual

Reporting issues

Although I’m doing my best to test Gridmonger thoroughly, all software has bugs, and this program is no exception. If you’ve encountered an issue that you believe is a bug, or worse, you’ve experienced a crash, please file a report so I can investigate it.

Sadly, in real life I am not a magician; I can only fix problems that I can reproduce on my machine. Therefore, please make sure to include as much relevant detail about the issue as you can; this will greatly increase the chances of me finding the root cause and coming up with a fix!

Before submitting a report, please make sure you’re using the latest version of the program, and that you’ve read the relevant sections of the manual carefully.

If you still believe you’ve found a bug, you can report it in email at, or if you’re a GitHub user, raise a new ticket in the project’s issue tracker.

What to include

At the very minimum, every report should contain the following information:

  • Type and version of your operating system (e.g. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, or macOS Big Sur 11.6.2)

  • Gridmonger version as displayed in the about dialog (e.g. Version 0.9)

  • Whether you’re using portable mode

  • Brief description of the problem, expected outcome, and actual results

  • Steps describing how to reproduce the issue (to make sure you’re not leaving out any important detail, imagine you’re explaining this to someone who has never used the program before)

Additionally, reports may include attached files to help clarify the problem at hand (generally speaking, the more of these you include, the better):

  • In case of a crash, the file Crash Autosave.gmm from the Autosaves subfolder in your User data folder (if Gridmonger was able to save it)

  • All log files from your Logs folder (especially important for reporting crashes and map loading/saving related errors; if there wasn’t a crash, you should close the program first, then copy the log file)

  • Map file to use as a starting point to trigger the issue, or problematic map files that became corrupted somehow and cannot be loaded anymore

  • Screenshots to illustrate the problem

  • Relevant theme files for theme related issues

  • Program configuration (Config/gridmonger.cfg)


If the program has crashed, do not start it again before having collected all the files necessary for filing a report (some of these files might be overwritten when the program starts).